Bus passes 2021 preview
Bus passes 2021 preview

Bus Passes 2021
Timmins Transit

Timmins Transit
Type of Project:
Print ● Branding
Team Size:
August 2018
Vertical and horizontal card size

These bus passes were commissioned for Timmins Transit and will be used in the city of Timmins in the year 2021.

For this project, I was tasked with designing different variations of the bus passes for 2021. There was quite a few things that needed to be included on these passes.

Constraints & Things to include
• Size had to be 3.5 inches x 2 inches.
• The back was already designed
• The month, year & price had to be included
• The type of pass had to be indicated (Adult/Student/Discounted)
• The Timmins Transit logo had to be on the passes
• There had to be an area for riders to write their name

Timmins Mineshaft

The Concept

People in the city of Timmins get excited to see what each months bus pass looks like. Over the years, all the bus passes have looked very similar. There was a few things I wanted to try out to change it up.

• Design the card vertically rather then horizontal
• Incorperate Timmins' most recognizable symbol, the mineshaft
• Bright colours that change every month

A preview of all the bus passes.

The End Result