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Apartment building owners
& College Residences
Type of Project:
App Design ● UI/UX
Team Size:
Februrary 2019 - April 2019
Phone connected to washing machine.

LaundroMate is a mobile application made for people that use public washing machines.

For this project my team had to pick a subject group and conduct a study to find out what type of app/IoT product would benefit this group. The group of people we chose were people who use public laundry facilities.

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To find out what kind of app would help people who use public laundry facilities, we sat down with some and asked them about their experience.

With this, we found out that their experiences were:
• Mediocre
• Time Consuming
• Inconvenient

Full Research Report
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The Product

The smart product created to work in partnership with the app is a 2in1 washer/dryer that is connected to smartphones using the internet. The intention of this product is that apartment buildings and college/university residences would purchase the products for their shared laundry facility. These smart products could increase their revenue coming from the laundry facility since more residents would be inclined to use it since it solves their main concerns.

What problems did we solve with LaundroMate?
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During our study we learned that users were tired of bringing their laundry to the laundry facility when sometimes there's no washer available. We solved this by allowing LaundroMate users to reserve a washing machine from their phone so that they would know the washer availability without leaving their home.

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Reminder List

During our study we learned that users often forget to bring something with them when going to the laundry facility (ex. laundry detergent). We made an effort to help users by showing a reminder list after they reserve a machine.

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Payment Method

During our study we learned that users were annoyed about the last of payment options at shared laundry facilities. Machines often only accept one kind of payment such as coins, which can be heavy and annoying to find or a reloadable laundry card which can be lost and can only be loaded in certain increments. We solved this buy allowing users to pay for their laundry right through the app as an in-app purchase were users can select which type of payment they would like to use.

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Theft Prevention

During our study we learned that users are scared their items will be stolen or taken out of the washing machine by someone else. Because of this, designed the washing machines to be locked unless unlocked by the user on the app.

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During our study we learned that users used different ways of knowing their laundry was ready such as timers or simply going to check. We wanted to make this easier for users, so we connected the timer to the app and now users will receive a notification to let them know when their laundry is ready.

The App

Location Configuration
LaundroMate location configuration screens
LaundroMate reservation screens
Cycle Configuration
LaundroMate cycle configuration
LaundroMate payement
Notification & Unlock
LaundroMate payement
Availability Alert
LaundroMate availability alert
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Interactive Prototype

To try out the interactive prototype, download the Adobe XD file, open with Adobe XD and press play.

If you don't have access to Adobe XD, watch the video in this folder for a demonstration.

Interactive Prototype + Video